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Online kurz zdarma- alternativní a augmentativní komunikace


15.-17.10.2019 + 14 dní po


on line

Dovolte nám přetlumočit Vam pozvání na online kurz zdarma na téma alternativní a augmentativní komunikace:

Dear members of Czech Association of Occupational Therapists,
My name is Kresimir, I work as Partners Manager for 2019 ATAAC Conference.
I have seen your e-mail address on web page of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

We would like to invite your colleagues, professors, students and everyone else interested in AAC to attend the 2019 Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ATAAC) Conference on advanced technology for people with disabilities, October 15-17, in Zagreb, Croatia.

The lectures will be streamed online and they will be available free of cost for professors and their students working in these and related fields, for all three days, as well as SEN Teachers, OT/SLP/AAC/AT practitioners cooperating with non-profits.

The program will be accessible for 14 days so it can be watched at one’s own pace.
For details on the program and speakers, please visit: https://ataac.eu/program/
If you are a professor or student, please register for free access codes here: bit.ly/registrationATAAC
If you are a SEN Teacher, OT/SLP/AT or AAC practitioner cooperating with a non-profit, please register here: bit.ly/ATAACNPreg
Once you have registered for the free code we will send you the code and instructions how to use it.

Please do not hesitate to share the invitation with anyone who could benefit from this content and to write me regarding any questions that you may have.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards to you all from Croatia,

Kresimir Persa, mag. logoped.
ATAAC Partners Manager

E-GLAS d.o.o.
Milutina Baraca 62
HR-51000 Rijeka
tel +385 51 670 379
skype: kresimir.persa_1