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Webinář ČAE- COTEC a jeho vliv na ergoterapeutickou praxi


28. 11. 2023 od 18:00



Vážení příznivci ergoterapie,

rádi bychom vás pozvali na další webinář pořádaný Českou asociací ergoterapeutů, tentokrát v anglickém jazyce na téma „COTEC and its Impact on Occupational Therapy Practice and European Health Policies.“

Webinář povede ergoterapeutka a pokladník COTEC, Lisa Wetzlmair.

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– Webinář je pro členy ČAE zdarma, pro nečleny je zpoplatněn 300 Kč.
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Abstrakt webináře:

COTEC (Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries) was established in 1986 with the purpose of coordinating the views of the National Associations of Occupational Therapy in Europe. The vision of COTEC is to make Occupational Therapy visible, valued, accessible, and available for all European citizens by supporting its members and by collaborating on a European level. You are contributing to this vision by being a member of your National Association.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like COTEC are doing and how they impact Occupational Therapy practice, practitioners, and European health policies. This webinar aims to highlight the benefits of being a member of COTEC through the Czech Association for Occupational Therapists and explains the work COTEC has done on a European level over the last decades. Examples of this work will include an illustration of collaboration with other European partners in
health and social care and publications that help us to make Occupational Therapy visible, valued, accessible, and available to European citizens and members of the interprofessional team. Together we can reflect on the collaboration between the Czech Association of Occupational Therapists and COTEC and identify opportunities to foster this collaboration on national and European levels.

Lisa Wetzlmair, Vice President Finance for COTEC:

My name is Lisa Wetzlmair, I am the Vice President Finance for COTEC. I studied and worked as an Occupational Therapist in Austria before moving to Denmark and Scotland to undertake my graduate studies in Public Health and Healthprofession Education. Currently, I work in England as a lecturer in public health. My professional focus is heavily influenced by acknowledging the importance but also the beauty of interprofessional collaboration and practice. Moreover, I am involved in research to develop an understanding of health professionals‘ needs regarding telehealth and the implementation of telehealth in health and social care education. As a member of the COTEC Executive Committee, I want to be an advocate for successful, high-quality interprofessional collaboration and practice in Europe’s health and social care. Thereby, I promote Occupational Therapy and the value this profession
can add to the interprofessional team.